About Sandra

Hello, I am a Mother of a beautiful girl named Michelle, she is the light of my life. I have other loves in my life as well, Nature, Life "The miracle of Life", and Yoga.

Yoga has become home for me, when ever I need to recharge my energy, boost my happines, find peace, or just to strenghten my body, I come to Yoga. Yoga is the food for my soul.

I have dedicated the last years of my life to studym teach, and study some more. Trying to gain more knowledge, so I can give my students what they need.

The road of yoga is endless, it starts with a pose and a thought, and it extends in a neverending path.

Yoga Sandra Akins Team

Prior to Yoga, I studied Communications and PR, and I worked for two Mayor Universities leading the Department of Public Relations, I also worked as a Journalist for 9 years.

Nowadays, I am teaching Yoga in many different places,  such as companies, private classes, and schools.

It is my intention to take Yoga to places where people need it the most. And to help people to make a connection with themselves, and their inner peace and strength.


We are all strong, week, powerful, soft, loving, sad, happy.. we are a mix of emotions and experiences.

Finding ourselves is the best way to use our knowledge to live fully alive.