About Sandra

Hello I am Sandra, mother of a beautiful girl named Michelle, she is the light of my life and my motivation.

I strongly believe that we can all live a happy life. We have the power to choose what we do. and the freedom to create our own rules.

I love to teach Yoga, help people to live better, to improve, and to overcome obstacles. I live a healthy life, I live under my own rules, and I like to keep growing emotionally and intellectually.


Yoga has become home for me, when ever I need to recharge my energy, boost my happines, find peace, or just to strenghten my body, I come to Yoga. Yoga is the food for my soul.

The road of yoga is endless, it starts with a pose and a thought, and it expands into a never-ending path of self growth.

Prior to Yoga, I studied Communications and PR, and I worked for two Mayor Universities leading the Department of Public Relations, and I was a journalist for 15 years.

Nowadays, I manage a real estate marketing account in Dallas, and I teach yoga at a corporate level.

It is my intention to take yoga where people need it the most. Helping people to make a connection with themselves, their inner peace, and strength.

We are strong, weak, powerful, soft, loving, sad, happy.. we are a mix of emotions and experiences.

Finding balance and reason within ourselves is the best way to use our natural knowledge to live fully alive.