More about discipline and goals

More about discipline & Goals

“Have you ever thought about, why you can’t move on?, why are you stuck?, and why you see all the people around you getting married, moving to a new house, getting new jobs, and you are in the same situation”

It is mainly because you don’t change your patterns, you keep doing the same all things every day, and you are still expecting to have new changes. These changes won’t happen until you take action, control, and you keep your goals in front of you.

Whatever is your goal, make it a priority in your life. If you really want to do it. Write it somewhere so you can see it, and you don’t forget about it. You have to see it every day.

Because there will be days, where you are not going to feel happy, motivated, or just with energy to do it. This is when you are going to use “Discipline”, and you are going to become a soldier on a mission.

Make a Plan: If you are serious about your goal, make a plan that works for you, a plan that you can do, a plan with real measurements. Ask yourself, when do you want to start it? when do you want to accomplish it? how are you going to do it? and what do you need to make it come true?

Anser all these questions, and you will have a plan.

Get into the details: Once you have your plan, put it on your calendar, make things happen, keep yourself accountable, and if you want to ask your best friend, to keep you accountable, that is a great idea It takes a village to do something right? having the support and encouragement of people that loves us is like having the best fuel for your car.

Do whatever it takes to go from point A to point B. Yes, I know that the law of attraction is great, and if you think positive, you will get things… the truth is that you have to think positive,  you have to have faith & trust in yourself, and you have to have an action plan, and do it!. Things won’t happen magically.

Do it! it will happen.

Do it, even if you are depressed, do it, if you are tired, do it, if you have no energy, do it.

Allow “NO Excuses in your life, and you will move on.



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