Do you want to lose weight? Is that all you want?

Do you want to lose weight?

Is that all you want?

Let’s change the way we see “losing weight”

A healthy lifestyle will keep your body in a healthy weight. Losing weight should not be the result of a diet, because once you are off the diet, you will gain all the weight back. And maybe some more.

What about if you learn how to be healthy, how to enjoy buying food that is good for you, doing activities that are fun, and just forget about the weight loss completely.

I promise, if you change the focus, you will automatically grow in different areas in your life, like happiness, self-esteem, better relationships and peace.

The focus or goals in your life are like a plant, they feed from your feelings and your thoughts. When you are thinking about losing weight, it automatically sends your brain a negative though and a negative feeling as well, because you are telling yourself that you are not ok. This is the moment, when people start being very critical about themselves. This type of thoughts creates anxiety and depression, negative feelings will push you to eat more. Specially refined carbs like sugars, because they will give you a feel-good sensation.

And then the cycle begins again. Over and over.

Let’s forget about the weight and set the new rules for a healthy life


  1. Do what makes you happy: What makes you happy? Write down only three things that make you happy. Try to do them every day. They don’t have to be complicated, they are maybe walking your dog, calling your best friend, watching the news etc.
  2. Eat Clean: Clean up your fridge and pantry, throw away all the things that are highly processed and/or have too much sugar.
  3. Buy things that are good for you: Go the grocery store and buy whole foods, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, things that are good for you. Yes, you might need to cook or prep some, but aren’t you worth it? You can do it for yourself. You will do it for somebody that you love right?
  4. Schedule your workouts: Get a calendar and schedule your workouts, and if you are into the tech world, set up electronic reminders or maybe download an app. Whatever you like, and makes your life easy. Remember there are a lot of different activities you can do, like yoga, cycling, running, walking or swimming. Make a commitment. Make a date with yourself, and don’t quit. Show up! To every workout.
  5. Accountability! hold yourself accountable or find somebody that keeps you accountable.

Losing weight is not the maximum reward. Losing weight will come naturally once you really take care of yourself.

Trust me, it will happen, and trust yourself.

This is a good start, five things that you can do today, to start the new chapter in your life.

The reward of living a healthy life, is bigger than just losing weight.

You will gain connection with yourself, connection with the world, its food, its people, and you will start enjoying life more.

You will be living in plenitude, in a healthy body.




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