The leap to a better life

I am reading a book called “Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want”, and it talks about the story of Tess Vigeland, and how she left her perfect Job without a Plan B, to find a fulfilling Job and a happier life.

As I was reading the book, I felt her pain she was living, and I started seeing my life reflected in her life. It made think that a job is one thing that we can better off, and so we can better many other things.

We can improve all aspects in our life. Why settle for a life that is not completely happy? I think we can have what we want. We just need to know first what is it. That is the hard part. and it shouldn’t be hard if we are honest with ourselves.

The process of finding what you want, has to be very fast. You need to think not with the analytical mind, but with your heart. Ask your self, what do you really want? What type of relationship you want. What job do you want? What type of friends do you want. Don’t analyze, just write it down. Be honest, be quick. Your heart knows it. It has known the truth from a long time ago.

Once you known what you want, then you will know what you need to get there. Now you have a road map to happiness.

I think Tess Vigelan’s book is great, is of example of courage about how to jump into the unknown, and to how to lean into your true self. I will not to only apply her experience to a Job, but to all aspects in life.

We usually hold on to things that does not serve us anymore because of fear, because we have been there for a long time, because it’s comfortable, because new is scary, or because we don’t even have the energy to start all over again.

I believe that we can always find better. And it’s not too late.

What about leaving a relationship that does not serves you anymore? And I am not being cold about it. Love for me is the most important part in life, it is the essence of a human. When there is no more love in a relationship, you need to let it go. When you have done all the imaginable things to save it, and still things don’t improve. Then let it go.

You don’t need a Plan B (replacement), to let go. What you need, is to find happiness with your own self.

Your heart and life will create space for a new person that will meet the new you.

With every day you are a new person, you learn from yesterday, from your friends, your family, from every interaction you have.

So the new “you” will find somebody that matches all your beautiful qualities and capabilities.

Let go, and have faith. What you need, will come to you.

Be clear with what you want, so what you want can find you fast.

Love, relationships, friendships,  all work within the same values and principles of trust and respect.

Be kind when ending relationships, be thankful for the good things, be forgiving for the wrongdoing, and prepare your self to give the best for the next chapter.




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