What is your Everest?

Mount Everest is known as the highest mountain above sea level. People from all over the world go there to conquest, to travel, to challenge themselves, and some go to find their true self.

What is your Everest in your life?

Everest represents a challenge that very few can fulfill. Only the courageous ones take the first step, prepare themselves, and go for it.

How many Everest do you have in your life? what is the biggest mountain you want to climb, that looks so hard, so difficult, so scary, and so inaccessible?

I believe that each of us is equipped with the right tools, consciousness, and experience to conquer and to be on the top of the mountain.

There is no judgment in finding your Everest, each of us is walking life, seeking meaning, improvement, and happiness.

Find the strength in the reward, think how would you feel once you are on top of the mountain. Once you conquer your Everest.

“Your goal is your motivation.”

How to Climb Everest?

Trying is playing small, if you try to climb the Everest, you will fail, You have to DO IT!, there is a big gap between trying and doing.

Start doing, quit trying.

Name your Everest, know it, study it. And create a roadmap. You need to know the pathway, if you know it, the journey will be easy. Ask for help, educate yourself, do whatever it takes. And take the first step.

What will you get once you conquer Everest?

Self-esteem.- Self-esteem comes from our achievements, how would you feel, if you conquer your Everest? I am sure very satisfied.

Everest is different for everybody. There is no small mountain, they all have hurdles, they all have beauty and value, and they are all rewarding.


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