Mother • Yogi • Teacher • Student

It is very hard to describe a human in a single page, I  have been in this planet for more than 40 decades, and I am very happy, and proud of my footprint in this earth.

Growing in Mexico, with a big loving and traditional family (as many of you can image), gave me a strong foundation in compassion, love, and support. I studied Communications & Marketing with a focus on Public Relations, that gave me the fuel to start my professional life. I Directed the Public Relations department of two major Universities in Mexico, and I also wrote for a newspaper for 9 years. I loved to write about the interviews I had with Public Figures. I saw how the politics evolved in a country that is very alive, and controversial. I was passionate about it, and I still am. I love to see human interactions. Good and bad, they are part of history.

As my life kept changing and evolving, I fell in love with a sweet man, and got married. I moved to the United States, and started a new life. Different country, different language, different traditions. I learned the American way, and I tried to adapt as much as I could. During those years, I started to developed an interest in health and wellness; first for my family and my self, and then, it started growing into a "helping others" situation. I loved it, my friends would asked my for healthy recipes, for workout routines, and I started leaning in that direction.

I got very serious about it, and got my first certification as a Personal Trainer at the Cooper Institute, I took Nutrition Classes, and I read all books about diets, health and trends. I got another certification as a Wellness Coach at a corporate level, and finally I dived into Yoga. Yoga was a constant, in my life. I practiced, but I never thought that Yoga would take over my whole view about life.


Yoga means Union. I experienced the meaning of Yoga when I started practicing. I saw how my body and my mind were drawn to each other.  My life changed completely, and what started as a physical practice, turned into a lifestyle. My life became more meaningful, and I extended my Yoga practice to my daily interactions. I started living in union with everything, and everybody.  I learn to live more peacefully and content. I learn to be grateful, for the day and the night. And I cherish each moment, even the difficult ones.

I strongly believe that we can live a happy life. There are not shortcuts to happiness, there are decisions that lead us to happiness.

As a Yoga instructor, I want to share my experience and my practice. Knowing that there is a connection between our micro-cosmos and the universe, we are one, and belong to the oneness. Living in harmony and respect with others is happiness in itself. Self development will occur when we are solid in our space. The road of yoga is endless, it starts with a pose and a thought, and it expands into a never-ending path of self growth.

We have the power to choose what we do and what we think. We are freedom.

Love & Light